The basic elements in the furnishing of the children’s room are the bed, wardrobes and police and a work desk and a schoolchild.

Children’s rooms are tailor-made, and customers are advised not to exaggerate the furniture when arranging the children’s room, but leave plenty of free space for children’s play and activities.

Depending on the size of the children’s room and whether it is intended for one or two children, we can create a single bed, bunk beds, or a bed with a drawer in which there is an extra bed. It is also good to set up a nightstand so that the child can accommodate the lamp, put a book or drink that consumes at night.

A mandatory element in the schoolroom’s room is a work desk. It is best to place it in such a way as to allow the natural light to come to the left, (except when the baby is left).

Cabinets should be tailored to the children’s needs for storing clothes, books, school supplies, toys and more.

Because of its qualities and price, Iveral is the most common material for making children’s rooms. The wide color palette offers a creative and imaginative setting of a children’s room where your child will feel comfortable and happy to spend his time.